Located on the 4th floor of Rose Hotel Yokohama, the Aromatherapy Salon features a range of reviatlizing courses to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.  Decleor Products are used for all massage treatments.

Open from 11:00~20:00 (Closed on Thursdays)

For further information or reservations, please contact the salon:
Tel  (045)-681-3311 
Email   aromatherapy@rosehotelyokohama.com

【A Course】Body & Facial

Full Body Treatment from the Head to the Toe, including a Foot Jacuzzi.

Neck, Shoulder, Back, Waist, Legs ~ Facial (Deep Cleansing, Peeling, Mask) ~ Head Massage ~ Face ~ Neck, Shoulders, Chest ~ Stomach ~ Legs ~ Skin Refinement

150min  ¥27,000

【B Course】Body

Massaging Body Treatment excluding a facial.

Neck, Shoulder, Back, Waist, Legs ~ Head Massage ~ Face ~ Neck, Shoulders, Chest ~ Stomach ~ Legs ~ Skin Refinement

120min  ¥21,600

【C Course】Facial & Head

A purifying treatment that lifts and redesigns the face shape.

Deep Cleansing ~ Peeling ~ Mask ~ Head Massage ~ Face ~ Neck, Shoulders, Chest ~ Skin Refinement

90min  ¥16,200

【D Course】Back

Back Massage Treatment to relieve muscular aches and pain.

Neck ~ Shoulder ~ Back ~ Waist

45min  ¥7,128

【E Course】Head & Shoulder

Soothing Massage for your Head and Shoulders.

Head Massage ~ Neck ~ Shoulders ~ Chest

45min  ¥7,128

【F Course】 Aroma Reflexology

Treatment for your Feet that relaxes and soothes your daily stress

Focused on the Back of Feet

45min  ¥7,128

【G Course】Facial & Shoulder

Massage Treatement for the shoulders including a Facial

Face ~ Neck ~ Shoulders ~ Chest

60min  ¥12,960

  • Reservations are required for appointments.
  • Appointments begin promptly at the scheduled time.  If you arrive late, the appointment is shortened.
  • Our Salon can only provide treatments to 2 people at a  time.
  • Contact Lens must be removed for courses with facials.  Please bring your own contact case.
  • We cannot provide treaments for male guest that come alone.
  • Please let the staff know if you are pregnant.